This is a song about "Doctors"

No doctors and lawyers or nurses and cops, just fast food,

And i'm the type of muhfucka that'll share you, shoot

Wish you niggas father understood where the condom was

The doctors at the hospital did an analysis

And stabbing this ice cube look-a-like to show you a nigga with attitude

Doctors told me your mom had a deformation, but its ok dude, i may be rude,

Hayden(starts crying): see? even doctors are afraid of me

First one to spot you and i ain't telling nobody

You strapped to machines, barley alive. doctors saying its a miracle,

Cause every girl i deal and fuck, it's always against her will

Its fine i get that alot, shit i know i aint hot, doctors keep givin me a shot,

She blushed, the clothes came off, and i bust heri'm up now, ready to get drunk on the block

Little do they know his parents are both doctors

I'm through trial, no more smiles, for a couple years

Tell them to keep it running, i’m keeping the grass cut

And have the doctors piece you back together.... with any luck.