This is a song about "Chinese"

Hey! what's your name? oh, that's nice

While you chinese be eating flies

Smoking got squinted eyes like im chinese,

She looks better than beyonce, alicia keys

I master vandalism and my louie v's sprouse shit

So my eyes are lookin chinese, i'm so sedated

My eyes chinese, got me looking at rights through a slit

This is like love, that you can never get

Love lockdown like i am some sort of faggot

Now my eyes chinese, keep the loud lit

Eyes low chinese im feelin' like i must be

We got money to go get baby

天使 tiānshǐ, now i'm dropping it harder, chinese

Eyes all stickin' like honey on bees

Then a chinese man came by, “ching ling”

Which means she ain't never hear nothing