This is a song about "Chinese"

You send me beats via email, i'mma send them back in a hearse

Got a bugatti with black and white seats call it chinese checkers,

天使 tiānshǐ, now i'm dropping it harder, chinese

I’m a beast when my shit hits the streets these niggas cease

'til it's like a mile long

With the chinese: ching chong

When he was undressing said it'll only be a minute

Kinda wack weirdo the kind he eating chinese food

Eyes low chinese im feelin' like i must be

Tonight she gon' fuck with mei beated up that pussy

They locking us up for the drugs that we doing

Then a chinese man came by, “ching ling”

Corvette so clean you'll think bruce springsteen rid that

My eyes chinese, got me looking at rights through a slit

Always turning red like a chinese tomato

Still lay low between the treble and the bass though