This is a song about "Chinese"

I caught a felony lovin the way the guns blow

Always turning red like a chinese tomato

My eyes chinese, got me looking at rights through a slit

Eyes wide, ears open like you on a doctor's visit

So my eyes are lookin chinese, i'm so sedated

At times i like to watch out the latest shit

While you chinese be eating flies

Because i see right through your disguise

天使 tiānshǐ, now i'm dropping it harder, chinese

We still visualize places, that we can roll in peace

And i'm the type of muhfucka that'll share you, shoot

Kinda wack weirdo the kind he eating chinese food

Got a bugatti with black and white seats call it chinese checkers,

You send me beats via email, i'mma send them back in a hearse

About the way i'm feeling

Then a chinese man came by, “ching ling”