This is a song about "Cats"

Wolf album, track seven; slapping cats with mac elevens

Don't make me shoot up this place with light sabers and guns

Double-m g up, we up, y'all just relax

Snapchats or four flats doesnt bother my cats,

These other cats bring blasphemy

I’m tryna be low key

Niggas talkin' greasy, i'm the one that gave them they chance

Take a tab of acid and hang with with cats in hats,

And never let up, look how i just crept up without applause

You wake up and apparently ya pissed a couple cats off,

Remember jack? theirs a reason i only hang with the dogs, not the cats/

Witness me strapped with macs, knew i wouldn't play thatall you old rappers trying to advance

Surrounded by cowards who let the cats out of the bag?

Gods words all cursed like crackshai-tan's way of gettin us back

Not only high, but i season you cats

In that pretty red dress, let's dance