This is a song about "Cats"

Lifeless, trying to stay awake as cats skit they songs

Signing off brother ali, sincerely yours

They know they shouldn't touch me like the third rail

Stop or fail, this cats locked in jail

Fuck everything and fuck all these cats that rap

I was born back, wolf pack, nigga fuck that

Listen close just in case she don’t know my intentions

Wolf album, track seven; slapping cats with mac elevens

Hey, must be the money

These other cats bring blasphemy

Take a tab of acid and hang with with cats in hats,

Touring through the warmest cities with the coldest raps

Not only high, but i season you cats

Yeah ballgame, i swear the hoes wasn’t in my plans

No kids, no ring herd she do your own thing

Real hip hop, leave the fake cats vanishing//