This is a song about "Cats"

I would gasol you niggas, but i'm in no position

To destroy anything you copy cats invest in

Dig, these niggas is fake joe

Leopards... cats, they make you grow

Witness me strapped with macs, knew i wouldn't play thatall you old rappers trying to advance

Remember jack? theirs a reason i only hang with the dogs, not the cats/

So cool, my bitch got no shoes

Kill the jungle let the cats loose

87, brick fare, yeah, i’m talking thirty racks

This is battle rap / i'll rattle cats

Fuck everything and fuck all these cats that rap

The real muscle in the message of that

As you niggas, niggas get familiar with the art of loss

You wake up and apparently ya pissed a couple cats off,

It allows society to be questioned, can take down fat cats like

Motherfuckin o.groll up in the club and shit, is that right