This is a song about "Being true"

She hold a nigga down, you deserve them boo

My love, for you, will remain forever true.

Eyes and pupils dot the i's so crucial true to being frugal loose as loopholes

Old school , og , chicano sound/ / cruzin to the 602 , holdin it down bird city knows

So anything do is everything to you

But being blatant bigots? calling that same reason true?

You good man, we don't want you

It's not and you know that it's true

Then i gotta say peace to you

When will my dreams come true

Got your whore doing shit that's uncalled for

M.e.k. jeans true religion sweater

To being a being and beating the back roads and being it

It's hard to live out atlanta with out makin' this a habit

Assuring lines were true

Oh who do you