This is a song about "Area"

Area 51 dropped some shit be aware

Young and dumb as hell, businesses i'm running well

I'm stuck in triangles, looking for my angel

New to the area, see me on arrival

And i have to say that music keeps me here, by far, the main thing

Area 51 illuminati creating everything while spacing

I can eradicate a village if you give me a beat, huh

We bring that pain and spit that truth from area to area,

Until they get the munchies and say "i want a dime" crazy ass you can't eat a

Targaryen bitch i'm wormtongue, flee rohan and move to a different area

Weird shit in my head like the 51 area

I got that good stroke, come be my mona lisa

Now politicians love the area, they make fat statements,

I can pass out many scantrons, fail many students

They can not pause like right one sega

Fake based in the area