This is a song about "Area"

Influencing your decisions i can't even get a minute

Im on the defending area and ur offense screwed

Don't listen to what others day, you will live another day. there's no stopping a

Shake your ass in public, wear a dress with no pantys so guys can see ur pubic, area,

So both of our imaginations are creations of the fucking situation

A whole new creation of hidden lies up in the area 51 station

Braggin about my area 51 laminate

Forreal i'm aggravated that gon' abandon this shit

It ain't personalstrictly business, baby

I love the area and all that it do for me

Gotcha lips baby while i pull your hair

Area 51 dropped some shit be aware

I can eradicate a village if you give me a beat, huh

We bring that pain and spit that truth from area to area,

Oh, mama got a visa

Fake based in the area