This is a song about "Area"

Wack is what the haters say, this area with shades of gray,

I'm feedin her the light just like what the chorus say

I can eradicate a village if you give me a beat, huh

Since the dawn of my era, i've been a don in my area

Never realize the precious time that bitch niggas is wasting

Area 51 illuminati creating everything while spacing

Cause this grey area i'm so familiar with

One time for the ville that cole rep

I need to drive out this area and get assistance

Stealing a clip for anyone squealing they lips

We bring that pain and spit that truth from area to area,

Inside of the cage cause i'm a motherfuckin' zebra

Was he stressing you, wasn’t fucking you right

Area you can find, cause when i get inside

But instead i got a sister, just like me with her mister nada

Invade their area, dead bodies everywhere, i'll carry ya/