This is a song about "Approve"

You don't approve of me? it's best if you get used to me

Grandma called, see me on the billboards around the city

So if you see one down here you approve of for your place girl,

Wait, i heard about you from that other nigga earl

This fucking guy that i knew/ tow truck didn't approve/

Plus how he gon’ tell me, he don't make the rules

Now concentrate until you get the juice

Don't make a move, cops won't approve!!

This one, not so smooth he will not approve, in a messy grove

The odd niggas are beginning to spill these pink hoes

Insouciant coolness to approve i'm a stud.

Anti-violent...stylin, lyrically inclined and

Wouldn't approve of the fumes

And still got my nike boots

And first off, i ain't trying to be conscious

Parents would never approve of us