This is a song about "Appear"

The party's mad dead until i care to appear

And i wonderwhere will i be next year

Just remember i'm the bogeyman about to appear

My high school girlfriend dykin', my side bitch ain't take her pill

I may appear easy to beat, but i'm impossible to top,

I'm not an asshole i just don't give a fuck a lot

Fucking funny, hilarious, great, gay is what i appear?

Don’t grin on me wit’ them long stares, you ain’t god unless no fear

I could give a fuck as long as there’s something that’s behind of her

And informing all you lames that i may not appear as major

Laugh at the money that's stuck in the chandelier

A digital visuals about to appear

Damn! the cops appear, and i got no licence here,

Close your eyes bitch, i'm all in your ear

Just be there to help me and support me that's what you're here for

I appear by vapor and steal all of your paper