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I smoke the greenest of medicine till the government let us win

I'll paint you with my tongue and stay in those bikini lines

And i apologize for what appear to be preschool rhymes

I appear by vapor and steal all of your paper

Especially if you don't know what you fightin' for

Fucking funny, hilarious, great, gay is what i appear?

Could you speak up and stop mu-mumbling, i don't think you came in clear

I may appear easy to beat, but i'm impossible to top,

I skip to places, smiling faces, while you fucking walk

And informing all you lames that i may not appear as major

Maybe i’m just looking for the wrong thinglove don’t come sooner or later

A digital visuals about to appear

Light dudes had the girls looking there all year

Fuck you, i'm a subject without my permission

With a 'poof,' i appear, a fucking apparition