This is a song about "Appear"

And i apologize for what appear to be preschool rhymes

But you know women lieits like i sent my love with a text two times

Amnesty international got bangkok to montauk on lock

I may appear easy to beat, but i'm impossible to top,

Fuck yo bitch to the weekend, i ain't speaking bout that cd player

And informing all you lames that i may not appear as major

Just remember i'm the bogeyman about to appear

Don't give a shit so my dick fuck bladders in your ear

Whole team in dem new drops; nigga you should go && go cop one

Because if you do then fuck you, i appear to the system,

Anyone can view this rap, and it will appear in the explore section.

So i can write about my life of sina couple bottles of gin

Don't wait for your fame to appear, erect it

You see they way out they minds with no return ticket

Im done with tou bitch watch all my votes magically appear,

New dough for the new year and i sumo on a rap peer