This is a song about "Appeal"

Detonating when i rhyme a rhyme

Appeal with the skin color of mine

I don't sprint just boost when i feel

I got that mass appeal

I like to ask the bad bitches if they ass is real

You just another dumb hoe with some sex appeal

The shit, you can mention me if anybody ask you

This is my point of view, the system i appeal too,

Who got mass appeal,and have homos like you for meal

Metro zoo in here, with my crew in here

Tree those niggas, i'm a g to them cause the ogs here

It's mind boggling, so surreal, an unusual appeal

Who don't need a deal to rap hard, or even the appeal of a black card

But more than not, and with prolly a whole lot less than the start

Must be my sex appeal, the ladies ideal

School ain't even start yet, there ain't not freaks here