This is a song about "Appeal"

Who don't need a deal to rap hard, or even the appeal of a black card

Come be my heroyou can take your cape offyou dont need that to save my heart

Who got mass appeal,and have homos like you for meal

Just let me do the talking man i know how niggas feel

Back to times square...i got dimes here

Using blacks of course was of wide appeal

In time we learned to live a life of crime

Appeal with the skin color of mine

Appeal and im not looking for a man but i get the meal

In brazil, and this shit is real, got bad hoes and that whip appeal

Appeal with the skin color of mine

Running hip hop like 'pac in his prime

This is my point of view, the system i appeal too,

My ambitious girl, i won't forget you

Backing up, like juvenile biggest fan was a moving truck

And i got some mass appeal but i neva gave a fuck