This is a song about "Appeal"

I swear these bitches look up to me like i'm doing here

You just another dumb hoe with some sex appeal

Next month i want that plus, money long as your tour bus

What's the appeal? to you hurting people i care and love?/

Fuck is you doing here

I got that mass appeal

But more than not, and with prolly a whole lot less than the start

Who don't need a deal to rap hard, or even the appeal of a black card

Phone home shawty you know you a brother out of here

It's mind boggling, so surreal, an unusual appeal

I'm just here to have a good time

Appeal with the skin color of mine

I be deeping her up, said the d is a drug

And i got some mass appeal but i neva gave a fuck

Appeal and im not looking for a man but i get the meal

Who woulda thought a lil nigga from the ville could get a deal