This is a song about "Apologize"

Ones but i didn't really mean it i wish i could go back in time lord and apologize

It's hard to have american pride when most of your money's made out of them lies

Just be there to help me and support me that's what you're here for

I had to take a pen, to apologize in this letter

I'm grand theft auto, racketeering, larceny, conspiracy, murder one

Swirling around in the abyss, i apologize for anything i've done,

They even raped her so we blazed they padautomatic shots rang out, on every block

Tick tock you gotta apologize for everybody received a shock while reading your rap mock

You be chickens like smokey tripping off angel dust

So now you apologize and your silent

To apologize for all the crap that had to enter

It's like we both forgot what we were fighting for

I been an ape, diamonds in the dinner plate

“i apologize, i was wrong, you really have changed”

Hot man, god damn, killa cam be live

Man, i know i should apologize