This is a song about "Apologize"

U try to apologize..more lies..i can see it in your eyes..this is where our love dies

Doin twenty to life in san quentingettin calls from my nigga mike tyson, ain't nuttin nice

I keep my friends close, enemies closer, fuck both, i dont trust no one

Swirling around in the abyss, i apologize for anything i've done,

I apologize rewrote your world yet

Making love to the streets, they be lusting for bread

She blushed, the clothes came off, and i bust heri'm up now, ready to get drunk on the block

Tick tock you gotta apologize for everybody received a shock while reading your rap mock

Ran with the local crew and had a smoke or twoand i realize momma really paid the price

Ones but i didn't really mean it i wish i could go back in time lord and apologize

And i apologize for what appear to be preschool rhymes

Daylight saving times all the time on this block of mines

I won't apologize for writing a sad rap,

I was born back, wolf pack, nigga fuck that

Motherfuckers, will be trying to apologize to me.

They hating, patrolling and trying to catch me riding dirty