This is a song about "Apologize"

They even raped her so we blazed they padautomatic shots rang out, on every block

Tick tock you gotta apologize for everybody received a shock while reading your rap mock

Their buzz internet and mines in her net

I apologize rewrote your world yet

Take her back to where i live

Don’t try to apologize

Gotta apologize to the coroner for the beat's severed extremities/

Two middle fingers for the police if a nigga get killed no rat no cheese

Hey! what's your name? oh, that's nice

Man, i know i should apologize

“i apologize, i was wrong, you really have changed”

That's why this my mission statement, bitch get it straight

Because that booty mad thick behind your juicy ass lips

I'd like to apologize in advance if i hurt your feelings

Really probably waitin' on vh1 to do a lil show called rappers wives

Don't get too mad at me, i ain't finna apologize for these dastardly rhymes,