This is a song about "Ancestor"

So he told his best friend, that he would create a civilization

And i be feeling like hova when y'all was sleeping on him

Fuck a vibe award,no mtv or all the above im in it for the origins

Do i bring discomfert to you're upper middle class starbucks dicks

But i need your faith in me, i'm a sucka for love

I'm goin hard and i ain't playin like sega genus,

I had visions of growing old and being a grandfather,

Especially if you don't know what you fightin' for

Grandfather replied with a sigh of grief

And if we don't we'll have a race of babies

I smoke the greenest of medicine till the government let us win

When i earthen eons of civilization left in isolation

Motherfuckers-didn't-think-i was-gon'-do-somethin'-ass niggasthreaten your life, ain't like you love him

Let this slippery medication cover the entire civilization like car fabrication,

I'm trynna beat up every beat until my feet at the top

Its no different, from the iron ones, your grandfather fought