This is a song about "An"

We don't want an explanation, make an annotation to help you

If i don't diss another nigga you dont get that issue

Anti-violent i chant my rhymes an

Well goddamn, now i be the man

I think one is an orphan. and one had an abortion

Lord i'm so focused more focused than i ever been

To be rich like a king, and live my life, trouble free

You can choose to be an enemy or an allie

Life's about decisions man

Showin of your ass an

I wanna release an album and have an elite celebration,

You killed the nigga, i stole a bible, is that a sin

I’m smoother than alopecia skin

An unofficial relation

Homie will never love her, although he'll probably have a fit

But still disastrous like an antagonist swinging an axe and shit