This is a song about "Amount"

I'm tellen you one day these suckers gotta fall

Even if the amount of money is so small

Now my watch fruity colors like trix in a box

Were funny enough to get a bogus amount of props.

I just blank out

Tryin have a big amount

Wale, real nigga, where the totem, blowin' bomb haze

I hope to live in a big house with a huge amount of space/

Mother could care less , i never could amount to shit,

The best journeyacres of land and swimming pools and all that

God damn i'm starvin' and i just ate

Account the amount we are paid

Rust from the amount that pile up, never to touch and filled with blood.

But she only fuck with boss niggas - lames, you outta luck

But if you took a second mr. mirror, you would see

But no amount could amount to a rap that could damage me