This is a song about "Amount"

They hatin'/ saying i ain't amount to nothing well your right i should simply embrace it

Nigga fuck that gin & juice, i'm fuckin with hennessyjust pour me a glass of that dark shit

And strangle you with that fucking leather jacket

Mother could care less , i never could amount to shit,

Were funny enough to get a bogus amount of props.

Got police chasen meto my niggas from old blocks

Then it's back to the corner where we sell cracksome of you niggas is bustas, you running round

Lyrics slur from my mouth, fuckas watch closely as it occurs with a limited amount

All you want is a good amount of dough, and to shoot a bitch/

Or fuck my enemies bitch, acting bad and getting rich

Lord i'm so focused more focused than i ever been

The amount of temptation surrounds me in isolation

Better hope you can handle the amount of beef in ten cattle

Keep it real as penitentiary steelthis ain't no freestyle battle