This is a song about "Amount"

They hatin'/ saying i ain't amount to nothing well your right i should simply embrace it

Bet i get it quick lick make it backflip outta town with some how you gonna act shit

Pete wilson trying to see us all broke, i'm on some bullshit

Mother could care less , i never could amount to shit,

Dirty rotten nigger picked it from a cotton gin

The amount of temptation surrounds me in isolation

You wondering why she ain't fucking, we winning, nigga you lose

That you need to set a curfew to the amount of bullshit beefs you fuse.

Okay i'm trying to hit, something's just gotta give

Frown and a gun lit is all she could amount to confront with

I'm gettin money til my pockets need a tummy tuck

Rust from the amount that pile up, never to touch and filled with blood.

I'm a form a petition, someone gotta be listening

But i told them every single day that i'd amount to something

While niggas flirti'm sewing tigers on my shirt

Can't forget the amount of words, flipping heck it's just absurd