This is a song about "Amount"

Educate yourselves, of africa

Trying to be the richest i can amount ya

Now my watch fruity colors like trix in a box

Were funny enough to get a bogus amount of props.

Nigga fuck that gin & juice, i'm fuckin with hennessyjust pour me a glass of that dark shit

They hatin'/ saying i ain't amount to nothing well your right i should simply embrace it

Rationing the amount of trust i put into people

To make karma come faster than she normally will

Rust from the amount that pile up, never to touch and filled with blood.

But every other part of you make me wanna depart and

But no amount could amount to a rap that could damage me

It's about niggas and bitches, power and money

Frown and a gun lit is all she could amount to confront with

He fathers her only kid that's why my homies let him live

But the fucking bank account, any any any amount

My eyes only see deez, that's why i'm young and burnt out