This is a song about "Among"

Admit the decision a gift of division among others wisdom descended

I love it when it's girl upon girl with one manay, put your butt on my mustache, fuck that

Every time i walk inside the house, she always tend to start shit

You don't find a diamond among the dirt until you uncover it

I kiss you on the forehead, baby just listen

I ain't asking for equality among men and women

See i aint got time for u bitches,i only got the time thats set, ill go psycho and

From those who defended the right to ascension among ideas of commitment

I say, how can they compare to you, everything material

Not above but equal, i stay holy but i walk among the evil,

Worldwide, but i got fourth ways, one hat carry like four blades

To be the best among and rise above the rest of these phony fakes

I split the blunt and rolled the fat one up deadly -- babylon beware

Battlin among milions all after my brilliance, leave girls in a trance make their