This is a song about "Among"

Look, i got no time for that type of connection

Terrorists among the world that we live in,

But if i flash to much/ i look to dangerous/ my mom knows the look in my eye, its lust/

From those who defended the right to ascension among ideas of commitment

Left chicago with good money for 5 drops

Youre a cornball who claims to be among gods

Not above but equal, i stay holy but i walk among the evil,

Cause every girl i deal and fuck, it's always against her will

I'm a lyrical acrobat among a fad of bratty gnats

Mic defibrillator give you haters heart attacks in advance

You don't find a diamond among the dirt until you uncover it

When they hate, i never give a whole fuck, or half shit

Worldwide, but i got fourth ways, one hat carry like four blades

To be the best among and rise above the rest of these phony fakes