This is a song about "Among"

I'm a fucking rap god, niggas going wear me being crucified on the cross and

From those who defended the right to ascension among ideas of commitment

Rhymes, lines and multiple syllable among all other things

I just embrace it and take it in within my essence

Masked up, this ain't trick or treat, one wrong move they finna squeeze

These aliens are among us..among zombies

Battlin among milions all after my brilliance, leave girls in a trance make their

I split the blunt and rolled the fat one up deadly -- babylon beware

Youre a cornball who claims to be among gods

Trying to move foward, though it never stops

I'm a lyrical acrobat among a fad of bratty gnats

Mic defibrillator give you haters heart attacks in advance

To be the best among and rise above the rest of these phony fakes

Worldwide, but i got fourth ways, one hat carry like four blades

All i wanna know girl what yo name is, i see them other niggas they be on that lame shit

Admit the decision a gift of division among others wisdom descended