This is a song about "Among"

You don't find a diamond among the dirt until you uncover it

You've unleashed the beast and i play you lil' niggas like lisa's shit

Not above but equal, i stay holy but i walk among the evil,

Cause every girl i deal and fuck, it's always against her will

Black on black nikes that represent the lifeless lives

Rhymes, lines and multiple syllable among all other things

Worldwide, but i got fourth ways, one hat carry like four blades

To be the best among and rise above the rest of these phony fakes

When you rapping how you rapping, bitches pack up and leave

These aliens are among us..among zombies

Keeping em' shook chanting for hope,rhyming like me is hard to do like you and

From those who defended the right to ascension among ideas of commitment

Among dates i was thinking upon traits to take place but no trace come on fate

If she don't fake, i work that pussy out, like it was outta shape

The lyrically prodigy has arisen among you.

I'm trend-setting, despite of an awful debut