This is a song about "Ammunition"

But i ain’t mad, i’ll just use my words as my ammunition

A lot of women is real, some bitches robin given

You killed the nigga, i stole a bible, is that a sin

Demolition to the opposition, limitless ammunition

After i stuffed you with ammunition.

I know that love it could begin

My words are my ignition for my ammunition,

And i can't breath when i'm high cause the airs too thin

Apprehend a couple men, triple six is fuckin' sin

Rapping rapid fire with unlimited ammunition

So if it comes down, may the best man win

Now im using my words for ammunition

Rapping rapid fire with unlimited ammunition

I can't take a big l, my city needs me, i gotta win

Full clips of ammunition on you pumpkins

Don't make me shoot up this place with light sabers and guns