This is a song about "Ammunition"

Rapping rapid fire with unlimited ammunition

I would gasol you niggas, but i'm in no position

Meka scary, turn his white ass to a jim carrey twin

My words are my ignition for my ammunition,

So i can write about my life of sina couple bottles of gin

Ill do what it takes, i got my ammunition, on my own, fuck permission,

Rapping rapid fire with unlimited ammunition

You killed the nigga, i stole a bible, is that a sin

But i ain’t mad, i’ll just use my words as my ammunition

A lot of women is real, some bitches robin given

Cry, die, tie, then sigh from relief from bottling up too much grief ever since

Step in and give a politician hot ammunition then conduct acquisitions

Demolition to the opposition, limitless ammunition

I opened my bible in search to be a better christian