This is a song about "Ammunition"

Charlie sheen on them haters, they dont wanna let me win

Rapping rapid fire with unlimited ammunition

I opened my bible in search to be a better christian

But i ain’t mad, i’ll just use my words as my ammunition

Rapping rapid fire with unlimited ammunition

I smoke the greenest of medicine till the government let us win

No intermission, i am ready with ammunition

Forever in debt to the lord for he's given

So i can write about my life of sina couple bottles of gin

Ill do what it takes, i got my ammunition, on my own, fuck permission,

Metaphor's my ammunition reloading i'm an android, in a lyrical standpoint

If a nikka tryna beat u/ ask em for a round/ nah dat yall know about me/ i hope that yall enjoyed/

I fuckin survive bitch i am alive you whore no ammunition i am surprised

It's nothing to deny for having such a mind, i'll be having y'all in mind