This is a song about "Ammunition"

So i can write about my life of sina couple bottles of gin

Demolition to the opposition, limitless ammunition

I've got infinite ammunition, a verbal expedition

I’m simply fuckin’ with bitches that know they whole position

Is my ammunition, your so broke you cant pay for tuition.

I roll with skaters and musicians with an intuition

Now im using my words for ammunition

Kevin durant you're an ant like my mother kin

Rapping rapid fire with unlimited ammunition

A lot of women is real, some bitches robin given

Go where you ain't been

Got all my ammunition

It's nothing to deny for having such a mind, i'll be having y'all in mind

I fuckin survive bitch i am alive you whore no ammunition i am surprised

Snorin' in the bed with blankets cause my head spin

In this condition, im loading up with ammunition