This is a song about "Although"

I remember tripping, walking through the set like my glock don’t think

Although i could never resist, some choices might be dismissed.

Trapped in my own communityone day i'm gonna bust

Try maintain some sanity although i feel too damaged

I'm tall, dark, skinny, my ears are big as fuck

And although you're a pain in my big toe, the butt

Although it's closed in due time i suppose it'll soon open wide

And what you wive me let me know that we'll be alright

Although you hater push me to a whole new low

My money fourth and long, but you do not get to throw

Annihilatin' those, i'm rakin' but makin' dough

With my flow, although i got a lot to work on i know,

Although he takes the swearing olympics trophy

You just servin yourself, go pull up to pump three

Even when the skies is grey, and my money was low

Gotta store this in your core to denture the best parts, although