This is a song about "Although"

Ddd-did i stutter the missing piece of the puzzle

Although at this time you may feel invisible

Gotta store this in your core to denture the best parts, although

Shawty open your soul, pray that protools agree though

And although everything is not according to scripture.

But she sure can get you high if the coke let her

Cause now you got me hopped up on that

Although knowing we'll be glad

Are they gon' pay us and will they make it rain? yup

And although you're a pain in my big toe, the butt

Although its heavy, ignore the conscience/

I’m so fly i don’t even got wings

I'm out bk with these fast girls and all my cash good i miss slow bucks

Beaverton my sneaker game although i never be with ducks

Try maintain some sanity although i feel too damaged

Trapped in my own communityone day i'm gonna bust