This is a song about "Along"

Cause i'm thinking me and you could get along

And then i'll lay you down and record soft porn

For tryin' to communicate through a song

Ahh im using up words as i go along

In fly modei'm a homicidal outlawand five-o, get your lights on, fight long

Except in this world no one has enemies because everyone gets along

Now i’m always in the hood like i never was gone

Josh is underachievin, so how bout ya sing along

Everyday a star is born

Is what i hear all along/

My first rap is off the dome, no beat just rap along.

Throw her slightly to the right, so dyke i'm kinda wrong

After lebron, i'm what's next

Along with my other trophy heads

They swore that i was all fuckin' nuts like a gay porn

You accepted who i was, and my weirdness that came along