This is a song about "Ally"

It seems he and his hand have a really good relationship,

I'm waking up with something 20-something fly shit

And on skype bet you say "le where my flight at?", if i decline

Dispose of any foe who thinks their flow is just as dope as mine

I got a hostile relationship with money like eminem and stan

Listen deeper than the music before you put it in a box, wolf gang

In the relationship,but your body perfect , you really worth it

I am sick of women treatin' niggas like that lotto ticket

I'm fuckin' paramount, i hope they understand that

Kind of practical that this relationship

I was hyper because i didn't get attention from my real pops

Ask your neighbor down the street and i guarantee the same response

The nerve of this prick, he said fuck it you can have her

Coming home to find his whore blowing the neighbor

A dumb neighbor sunbather? yo, this cunt ain't her

I'm the mouth of the district, nobody work harder