This is a song about "Album"

Album covers ‘n the sisters of friends

Odd future wolf gang, wolf gang presents

Nowadays usually it's his pockets

The new album is on the way, when it's

Murderin' beats? this mixtape album? i guess it's dead,

I gave ya girl a t-shirt since she gave the whole crew neck

I just embrace it and take it in within my essence

Wolf album, track seven; slapping cats with mac elevens

Just a place that they can come

This is my new album

After i spit it niggas be swimming to get to land, damn

You say the art's dying, nah brother buy an album, the plan

See you in reduction- my first album friends!

I had dollars for a young’un ever had cents

I can't fake a whole album that would say, i don't care

A bunch of temptation facing when your wife ain’t there