This is a song about "Album"

She got cold feet, my love will be the sun, get it done

The haters are lickin' their fingers, waitin' for my album,

From "infinite" down to the last "relapse" album

The people scared of annihilation when kingdom come

Influenced by the album illmatic, nas killed it and i could fell the magic.

Something wicked this way comemore than an adversary i'm very quick

Murderin' beats? this mixtape album? i guess it's dead,

Threw the sack to his lil' niggas workin the set

I had dollars for a young’un ever had cents

See you in reduction- my first album friends!

My album gonna drop

It’s hip-hop, not pop

So i can write about my life of sina couple bottles of gin

I wanna release an album and have an elite celebration,