This is a song about "Air"

Og like the prince of bel air,

Runnin' this bitch like i do not care

Baby i ain't liping, i just tend to keep my city there

You’re the plastic, i’m the passion and the magic in the air

I'm out of here, gimme that breath of fresh air

Perfume everywhere, girls are everywhere

To see how long your lungs can stay starved of air

Booger bear, i'll have you up in hooker gear, i swear

A bunch of backstabbing niggas, hope the knife ain’t there

She showed no lover's care, mauled like she was just cuttin' air.

When they open the box and inhale the pale air.

A bunch of temptation facing when your wife ain’t there

Baby, just come close, let me play in your hair

Rap and do the impossible like i can carry air.

You ain't gotta stare, go cop a pair

On the lines of a wire right in the nice air