This is a song about "Aim"

Sky is no limit and beyond am gonna aim/

I don't toot my own horn but i'm a cold train

Movin, eyelids low cause my bills too high

If you do then ima have to aim and fry

We're the same, i aim to separate you from this

And i'll be rich if i get another diss

Now, if you was the last man walking on earth

Takin' aim at the white rhino like poachers

I'm too strong, eight arms sticking to a bomb

Email too, facebook, aim, everything gone

I've be stressin in the spotlight, i want the fame

Its my trigger finger just slit when i aim

Well rick james, maury jane

Ill minded imma take aim,

All up in my jeans and i'm gunna' hit her with that

All these haters get aim- itis evrey time i spit