This is a song about "Aid"

It's my fact y'all are fiction with diction

My rhymes aid your decomposition,

Say i’m destined for fame, well i am very afraid

I'll cut you with my wiper blade, you better have financial aid,

Walkin through the streets wearin jewels, breakin niggas makin moves

The kids are wasting food while others ache for the day they get aid from groups

You feel like kool-aid in a wine glass

A wise nigga told me don’t chase that cash

You gonna need more than a first aid kit

And my vision isn't set on the money i get

Fellatio is frequent, still i treat them decent

Drink the kool-aid out of the elephant tusk,

Somalia women ethiopian queens never could tell the difference

Fuck stewie aid, family guy, no medicine, jay-z comes clean to mexicans,