This is a song about "Aid"

And i ride for any nigga who believe in the shit

Cause when i get done you might need more than a first-aid kit

Fuck stewie aid, family guy, no medicine, jay-z comes clean to mexicans,

Somalia women ethiopian queens never could tell the difference

Haven't rested for five days, just trying to sleep, go to rite aid

Don't give nobody no coochie while i be locked up state

The kids are wasting food while others ache for the day they get aid from groups

Walkin through the streets wearin jewels, breakin niggas makin moves

This my zombie circus, you better get a fuckin' ticket

But i will face fuck your mother with a first aid kit

Drink the kool-aid out of the elephant tusk,

So, i just need someone to talk to, kinda rushed

Or like monumental mixtape of the moment

Drink the kool-aid out of the elephant tusk,

You feel like kool-aid in a wine glass

So chase the air hide your stash