This is a song about "Agree"

Don't let them free, beat them till they wee' 'n' agree,

Malia family, we the family

He's more into depth than he's ever been, but he doesn't see or agree,

She say that she celibate, i penetrate her mentally

Must be something you want me to see

Same to biggie, but i'd think they'd agree

Almost lost my life to the industry

Coming to terms, where we can agree

You disappear reading this a letter agree!

I just want somebody i can see

Feeling like i'm on cloud nine but my parents don't agree

Who didn't really care to see, or give a damn if she

But rather than singing non praise the dude

That you might not agree with, see it like this, troop,

Bitches ain't around one thou

Then we agree you feel me now