This is a song about "Agree"

Agree, only want to thieve and carry pieces,

Tell me who's as rad as us and the answer was

He's more into depth than he's ever been, but he doesn't see or agree,

If you try to hang with me you should finally truly see

Commence to poppin' motherfuckers copy it fatalefficiently i delete then flee

You say okay , aha , and the rest of that shit like im discussing you and you agree

Resiliency is the key and i hope you agree

I’m at dulles with luggage fly straight to the money

And wale been tellin' other rappers take a deep breath

You're gonna agree, to meet with me in the flesh

I tell em "honey, i no cher" i'm so sunny

Don't let them free, beat them till they wee' 'n' agree,

I agree that it's the wrong comparisons they're feedin' ya,

You trying hard to maintain, then go headcause i ain't mad at cha

We were meant to be thats something i truly agree

Away the tragedy, so i stay sucker free