This is a song about "Agree"

That you might not agree with, see it like this, troop,

But rather than singing non praise the dude

That bitch bad, looking like a bag of money

You can’t tell a story for others, you must agree,

I’m at dulles with luggage fly straight to the money

Don't let them free, beat them till they wee' 'n' agree,

He's more into depth than he's ever been, but he doesn't see or agree,

She say that she celibate, i penetrate her mentally

Agree with waka flacka fuck this industry,

Two kids, wide hips, found something in her we didn't see

You can never tell me that i'm not hungry

With every word you speak, he or she shall agree

You're gonna agree, to meet with me in the flesh

Eatin nubo dishes, with my soul food princess

Not big never will be/ they say respect your elders and i agree/

To him, nothing is funnymind set on one thing, making his money