This is a song about "Ago"

I gave up on it along time ago

And i made it with that dope flow

The descendant of reptilian overlords from a trillion years ago

We got stripes in my city, ain't none of my niggas yankees though

It ain’t no crime, i only catch the coy

And that was what? 4 years ago? ha! run off lil' boy,

Ay, i got a dollar and a dream, real niggas on my team

Hope to go seven 1000 year ago walking in hopes ravine

I'da ran away from home years ago,

If you know like i know, you should lie low

It started off ages ago

Same bitches used to play me though

This problem happened two years ago

And you cute, shorty; let's get low

People love hodgy i hate you though

That he created over 8000 years ago,