This is a song about "Ago"

Once upon atime ago a minute

She's on my line like i'm fishing i got that

Puts the pieces of decomposing bodies in plastic

And i remember long ago when you was ridin' my dick,

100 years ago women couldn't even vote

I'm killing 'em slow like cigarette smoke

My dick hates sweaters so she jack it slow

It started off ages ago

Hope to go seven 1000 year ago walking in hopes ravine

Cheated on light skin dominique when we was seventeen

About 3 years ago and i was the only one to hear

Everybody, just clap your hands if your a real

This problem happened two years ago

Niggas buy ringers can't pay their bill though

Most determined, but with the smallest of funds to show

Hold up, wait a minute, all good just a week ago