This is a song about "Aggression"

I'm full of aggression learned no lesson, so i blew you off to discretion

And i got a girlfriend so i'm a keep lying until the verse end, fin

I come with aggression cut you as deep as a c section

Dirty rotten nigger picked it from a cotton gin

I can't take a big l, my city needs me, i gotta win

Dude my fists are weapons, shit is kept in, this aggression,

Some excedrinto get rid of conception

This resin takes seven seconds to cause aggression,

She showed me affection like a drug dealer using her pocket for my protection

That last line i did just caused depression it ain't the end for me and aggression

Cut after bleeding cut cover his wrists, depression persists and his aggression exists

Whats the cause to my lyrics? maybe it's just cause i don't listen to critics/

The world should turn as soon as my records spin

The problems i bottle i rap away aggression,