This is a song about "Aggression"

Meka scary, turn his white ass to a jim carrey twin

The problems i bottle i rap away aggression,

This resin takes seven seconds to cause aggression,

Better or worse, the center of attention

I’m smoother than alopecia skin

With me and my aggression

Or michael vick if ya'll bark nigga ya'll through

Your misplaced aggression led em to

I smoke the greenest of medicine till the government let us win

I'm full of aggression learned no lesson, so i blew you off to discretion

New lesson, you ain't got progression, you just pedal that aggression/

I can't take a big l, my city needs me, i gotta win

Get the scoop on the cologne, belt, and shoe section

Dude my fists are weapons, shit is kept in, this aggression,