This is a song about "Aggression"

New lesson, you ain't got progression, you just pedal that aggression/

If a period is late then i will mark it with a question

I come with aggression cut you as deep as a c section

Dirty rotten nigger picked it from a cotton gin

Cut after bleeding cut cover his wrists, depression persists and his aggression exists

In my reign which consists of green whiff on my stick shift i don't sneak diss but i give sleek kiss

But you happen just to use it for a storm of aggression

Get the scoop on the cologne, belt, and shoe section

She showed me affection like a drug dealer using her pocket for my protection

That last line i did just caused depression it ain't the end for me and aggression

The world should turn as soon as my records spin

The problems i bottle i rap away aggression,

With me and my aggression

I’m smoother than alopecia skin