This is a song about "Age"

Girls wanna have fun, and a nigga with some change

I just found out i was adopted at a young age

Mental images, vivid as a school-age collage

She so hysterical, she say my life ain't regular cause

Lift off from minimum wage, before i get caged until old age

Two childhood friends just died, i couldn't crya damn shame, when will we ever change

We start young,we live life and hopefully die in old age

See, welcome to fame where most of us is gon' change

Give me a blue benz, red porsche, red range

But i'm preparing for my golden age

They say this media changed, these verses gettin strange

Put my hand through the wall such a young age

While half my mental belongs in a cage

Of carry regret as i prepare for the age

She's a sex chaser, do whatever for the change

Learn how to play the fool at a young age,"