This is a song about "Age"

Iverson was cool, but i supported victor page

They sayin' "fuck the mainstream" this era is a golden age,

When i pull up in that candy range

But im only 18 years of age

I grabbed the ak, my homie took the 12 gauge

People followed but still looked down on age,

Blowing money fast looking like i'm saving nothing

A drug doing , no good for nothing. young age fucking.

Learn how to play the fool at a young age,"

If you never do, still niggas look at you strange

Lift off from minimum wage, before i get caged until old age

I never judge a murder by weapons, only the rage

'' you shall come to your grave in ripe old age,

Peep gamedon't let the money make you change

No child should know what it's like to be an adult at such a young age.

Two childhood friends just died, i couldn't crya damn shame, when will we ever change