This is a song about "Age"

I grabbed the ak, my homie took the 12 gauge

Their caught beneath a tide of this righteous age

Shit and run back to the lab, need assistance from

Don't question his age, he's a veteran thespian/

See, welcome to fame where most of us is gon' change

'' you shall come to your grave in ripe old age,

Got me counting my blessings, it took me a-d to see

For being 20 years of age, shit i aint doing so shabby

Ready to bust, in the city you don't know who to trust

Y'all don't wanna wrestle with this new age future legend/

While half my mental belongs in a cage

But i'm preparing for my golden age

No child should know what it's like to be an adult at such a young age.

Two childhood friends just died, i couldn't crya damn shame, when will we ever change

A drug doing , no good for nothing. young age fucking.

Now mama see that shit on oprah and know that it’s coming