This is a song about "Against"

Shouts out to st. louey, swag champ i got the belt

Do you realize who your up against

Malia family, we the family

Fucking everybody raping against me

Keep her there, so nobody can wonder where her face went

Assassin gassed with the passin' of adversaries she's matched against

These been thinking we ain't tripping off lyrics

Me against the rest of the worlds it's

Optimism - wishin' make you too content

That i'm a top any nigga i go against

Took my heart away from money

You can form coalitions against me...

Something you couldn't tame, a cunning gain i proclaim war against

For that living large, but mama i ain't done yet

I remember my friends, i should've never gone against.

Ready to watch? i'm a slip it in the tape deck