This is a song about "Against"

I'ma get this girl that be stuffin my bricks

Me against the rest of the worlds it's

Cause i've been sentthe heartz of men

But now i'm pinning against them

It's me against time, to try to work against this man's dream

I live by the code: fuck bitches, love queen

Then it bunny hopped off my shoulder, now my conscience dead

Something you couldn't tame, a cunning gain i proclaim war against

I'm that nigga y'all - i just ball

Throw two hunid against the wall,

You can form coalitions against me...

And i don’t know why you sucker niggas can’t see

When my backs against the wall

Yeah, i'mma let the chips fall

Shouts out to st. louey, swag champ i got the belt

I remember my friends, i should've never gone against.