This is a song about "Against"

Leasin' a vehicle quick enough to see people that don't even exist yet

Walking down the dark corridor with chloroform like the avengers going against

Me against the world, amusing/

Straight g thing, double m g thing

Roll the whole mountain, now i’m on the couch bent

I remember my friends, i should've never gone against.

It's me against time, to try to work against this man's dream

To get ourselves up out that dream, no i’s in team

Then it bunny hopped off my shoulder, now my conscience dead

Something you couldn't tame, a cunning gain i proclaim war against

We the 93 chicago bulls baby

Fucking everybody raping against me

Two whips, six tattoos, no kids

Me against the rest of the worlds it's

They label me a discriminanter so they discriminate against

When you next to medo you wanna test me ?put your tired head on my chest