This is a song about "Affect"

Bet you thirty dollars you find her like cartman found kenny, dead

Just maybe this verbal tech, words'll affect this nervous wreck!

My rhymes affect you like an irritant

And you wonder why niggas keep the gun tucked

Think who you might affect

Hold my tears i tried my best

Where we can drink liquor and no one bickers over trick shit

You bigots do not affect me, i'm a living, breathing poet,

That's the affect of bitches who disrespect

Half your body laying on my chest

Hit yo ho with a muthafuckin baseball bat

Got gold albums or not, i still did affect rap

If you even noticed/drugs affect users and people closest

You see coming up, we ain’t have that shit to keep our mind focused

Badly affect by society, trying to be somebody and not someone,

I keep my friends close, enemies closer, fuck both, i dont trust no one