This is a song about "Affect"

My raps affect the darker side like sickle cell anemia,

Inside of the cage cause i'm a motherfuckin' zebra

I'm fuckin' paramount, i hope they understand that

Got gold albums or not, i still did affect rap

That's the affect of bitches who disrespect

Deep down, i'm an emo fuckin' faggot that's depressed

My rhymes affect you like an irritant

If you ever feel alone and

You bigots do not affect me, i'm a living, breathing poet,

Whole team full of og’s packing fo-fo’s on the hip hip

Or will they kill me while i'm sleepin, two to the head

Just maybe this verbal tech, words'll affect this nervous wreck!

Think who you might affect

Then push the milk on a slow bend

New dough for the new year and i sumo on a rap peer

A site where my attitude doesnt affect my career.