This is a song about "Affect"

If you even noticed/drugs affect users and people closest

But she gon’ get this dick and chew me up just like some double mint

Fuck me the monster said, somehow the monster's dead

Just maybe this verbal tech, words'll affect this nervous wreck!

Unify them, mob through, take over and

My rhymes affect you like an irritant

Rare shit, trend setting yea i be the best

But just here to represent and affect

Why'd you slang crack? cause i had toa nigga gotta pay the fuckin rent

Theres nobody i would be but me and no one can affect my quest

You bigots do not affect me, i'm a living, breathing poet,

What the fuck? that's your fucking brother? i ain't with that jerkin' shit

I keep my friends close, enemies closer, fuck both, i dont trust no one

Badly affect by society, trying to be somebody and not someone,

My raps affect the darker side like sickle cell anemia,

Inside of the cage cause i'm a motherfuckin' zebra