This is a song about "Affect"

But just here to represent and affect

We can’t even talk ‘less you got the check

If you even noticed/drugs affect users and people closest

Magnificent, anti-impotent, landslide winning by lyricist

Secret society all we ask is trust

My rhymes affect you like an irritant

Badly affect by society, trying to be somebody and not someone,

I'm grand theft auto, racketeering, larceny, conspiracy, murder one

A site where my attitude doesnt affect my career.

I have your hearts as if i stabbed it with a spear

Think who you might affect

Woo-hah, got you all in check

Theres nobody i would be but me and no one can affect my quest

Young strugglersracing the clockain't no telling when it all can end

That's the affect of bitches who disrespect

My levis, they 501, my snapback is hella bent