This is a song about "Advise"

Your ego oversized, i advise to see a psychologist,

If i ain't get em yet, believe their name is on the short list

I advise you to hide and not make a sound

A smooth criminaland though i pack this pound

Outside of popeyes eating chicken and fries

Word of advise, don't feed your customers chicken fried mice,

Here's a piece of advise...

Niggas wanna know why i'm so nice

Stop it, i'm hearin' the comments

Uprise with in and advise ya friends.

I just reflect on how i ain't met you, yet boo

I advise that you pursue whatever you wanna do

Try to get up on my level i advise to hitch a ride

Yeah this the illest bitch alive, i love her freaky side

But you know women lieits like i sent my love with a text two times

He rose high up in the sky, i gave the advise to hold back on the rhymes