This is a song about "Advise"

Word of advise, don't feed your customers chicken fried mice,

And, yup, i gave lyrics a reason to want to live

Your ego oversized, i advise to see a psychologist,

If i ain't get em yet, believe their name is on the short list

He rose high up in the sky, i gave the advise to hold back on the rhymes

While you were playing playstation, my pencil was erasing lines

Uprise with in and advise ya friends.

Stop it, i'm hearin' the comments

I advise you to hide and not make a sound

My self-respect i leave that, in the lost and found

Here's a piece of advise...

This maze i'm in amazes me at times

Now me and quik gonna show you niggas what it's like on this side

Try to get up on my level i advise to hitch a ride