This is a song about "Adult"

Throwin round wallets like the dude that kid cudi hit

Soon after, you grew up as an adult, who's drug addicted

See, the luxury that we accustomed to, i take a smut to eat

I'll be like an adult fulfilling an addict' s dying need

Teenage and adult girls cant resist us

I've mastered this ask of me, my raff ain't practice

I always judge a book by the cover, never the page

That's because i'm eighteen shit say i'm on my adult age

Man, this nigga ugly and he raps, ooh

To be more of an adult than you

Second guessed it as i grew into an adult nearing college

Take your hat off and get to cuttin: kung lao on that bitch

The only difference is it comes back, full effect

Unless you're an adult, you won't get a drop of respect