This is a song about "Adult"

Probably be dirt rich and worthless

Teenage and adult girls cant resist us

Make something out of nothing. nigga, i macgyver that bitch

Second guessed it as i grew into an adult nearing college

Rape her and record it, then edit it with more shit

Soon after, you grew up as an adult, who's drug addicted

Wanna know what i been through, what you into

To be more of an adult than you

They say i walk around like i got a s on my chest

Unless you're an adult, you won't get a drop of respect

They say this media changed, these verses gettin strange

That's because i'm eighteen shit say i'm on my adult age

No child should know what it's like to be an adult at such a young age.

Two childhood friends just died, i couldn't crya damn shame, when will we ever change

I'll be like an adult fulfilling an addict' s dying need

A wife on the runfull of common bluntsunconditionally married