This is a song about "Admit"

Must admit this a fucking, raw beat

That’s why i strike first and the verse cuts deep

Shorty throw it back and a nigga might love that

Or never say never though i admit

No bullshit, i'm mike with the mic

You i saw you boy must admit

But i'm pissed about it more than i would like to admit

Where we can drink liquor and no one bickers over trick shit

Im so dope. get down and admit.

Buy a chick a new bag when she taste good

Are you afraid of a thug? and have you ever made love

Admit my verses can leave lyricist in paralysis.

That's g shit, i be bumping fiend shit

And your life is ass but you can't admit

Your bitch likely tricking off and bruising up her knees

Not afraid to admit to admit deficiencies