This is a song about "Add"

Add an ak-47, a revolver and a nine

Gucci rocking his gold rollie, i'm rocking mine

I'm with your girlfriend eating chips

Add some meth and that pills

And shrimp might run and tell the pigs

And add nightmares to the mix.

But i'd just rather 2-step, like my first steps

Add finness and some other funny gems

Once as a slave who imagined being free

I add into it, rhymes? more, plenty,

Add the water, let that co2 take effect

Roll the whole mountain, now i’m on the couch bent

E to the t, r-o-i then add another t

Got me counting my blessings, it took me a-d to see

Make it my best you need to add more concepts

I think i've got some enemies disguised as friends