This is a song about "Add"

Add an ak-47, a revolver and a nine

I’m inclined with women who come on they time

Population? choose, you can add or minus

I ain't used to it, she got that hot love

Add struggle, minus faith and divide your self in half

Damn near look like a god damn dump truck on the back of your ass

Fur for fur, baby; baby, you'll go stir crazy

E to the t, r-o-i then add another t

More emcees to kill and add to my heap/

Shit, if i was old enough to speak

Strong to add up attitude and words that belong to adults

But wait that beat kicks in and your adrenaline jumps

With this one last line, ill add the cap to the pen

And if you not convinced keep on promotin' them

For all the flips imma add a little spice.

Felatio fetish, broads know me where i live