This is a song about "Activist"

Felatio fetish, broads know me where i live

Dammit kid i'm an activist fucking fifths

Nah i aint the black activist

Yeah, i never dreamed of a gift

Accident, dude was on his way to be an activist

If i ain't get em yet, believe their name is on the short list

I hear you callin' me to come back, i'm a sucka for love

I'm a half-assed activist that preaches but never practices,

I’m a verbal activist who knows he's a savage spic,

I'm recordin' that shit on the fuckin' little mic

Activist i'm a fighter i'm a writer

Pour a little gas, spark up your lighter

You sound like a lazy wanna be activist throwing a fit

It's hard to live out atlanta with out makin' this a habit

See i do what i can cuz i'm an educated activist,

And older women put a nigga on their bucket list