This is a song about "Activist"

Tell the fucking teacher that this burlap sack is filled

Accident, dude was on his way to be an activist

I’m a verbal activist who knows he's a savage spic,

Puts the pieces of decomposing bodies in plastic

Activist i'm a fighter i'm a writer

Life is a bitch so a g can't sweat her

Sick, spit a pandemic, crack and cancer mixed with cannabis

I'm a half-assed activist that preaches but never practices,

The best journeyacres of land and swimming pools and all that

You sound like a lazy wanna be activist throwing a fit

A half-assing activist who preaches, never practices,

Swag-er. this is a mixtape about... nothing. not on drugs

Haters just hate but yet they don't know squat like a leg lift

See i do what i can cuz i'm an educated activist,

Dammit kid i'm an activist fucking fifths

A fun chick its nothin to break funds with