This is a song about "Accept"

Should you choose to accept it

And my momma keep smoking that shit

And we'll accept you for you're not a hobbit

Look in the scope, my people still a target

Probably seen meaner bars probably in the feds

Just accept your fate, let the darkness lay it's eggs,

Though my credits are slept, my ambition the best

Well i know it now but still i can't fucking accept

I ain't fucking mexican, but we can have sex again

I accept my limitations and declare i shall dissolve them

No need to turn villainous, just accept your impotence

It's fucking immaculate, the way your daughter smacking dicks

I suppose you think this story will make me accept her death

Cause it'll never be the same hereso i wipe away the tears

Hit me up in a couple days, we can try again

They can finally accept who i am and show no shame