This is a song about "Accept"

The hospital can take more than 8 hours to accept 1 patient.

Uh, every time i’m in my city, i be acting like my shit don’t stink

And we'll accept you for you're not a hobbit

I call that insecure, sh-sh-shawty think she all that

No less profit, themed when we drop shit

Should you choose to accept it

100 million dollar nigga, nigga say my name

They can finally accept who i am and show no shame

I take em home, fuck her, get high and never call again

I accept my limitations and declare i shall dissolve them

We have so much in common, starting at the feet

Take a seat, i'll treat you to these beats, accept defeat.

Don't always fuck me good, i'm just too cheap to divorce her

But i must also accept defeat, because it makes you stronger/

So sit back and accept the blessings of this life,

Penthouse on collins, money long as ocean drive