This is a song about "Able"

Where i collapsed barley able to maintain stability,

Tired of making money, i'm on to making history

Rap games fable, gain fame i'm able.

Don’t wanna have me then somebody will

Won't even be able to stand up straight, aren't ya

The homies wanna kick it, but i'm just laughin at cha

Dirty rotten nigger picked it from a cotton gin

We might be able to benefit the whole congregation

Who might be able to write.

Take her on a long ride

I’m coming back like light-skin and

When you're able to make the statement....

Anything else won't be able to uphold

Righteously living, i know all my verses be cold

Was tricked to sit on poop, by some puke-able asshole

You got your nails did, damn girl you're on a roll