Raven (Prod. Eskry)

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M-Sav's Notes

Please prop. I love you.

~M-Sav do it nasty.~
I educate these dummies,
Take a seat and learn,
Early bird, I need the worm,
I ain't buddy buddy in the joking mood,
I see what you're going through,
It must be Halloween, how all them girls are ghosting you.
Yo, the stuff is getting scary, apparently,
I think I learned to live with other people comparing me; inheriting,
I'm here to make my mark set with permanent ink,
My homies need some neat women and some bourbon to drink.
Mixing problems with the strong booze,
Risky business, Tom Cruise,
Trust me you don't wanna go toe to toe with the wrong dude,
Sav what yo life like, you putting down the mic right?
You don't need to weigh in, you ain't on fight night.
Right on cue, I'm standing here where I need to be,
I should take this moment in, and soak up all the scenery,
Moving like a forklift, operating machinery,
Done some heavy lifting, that's what my family needs from me.
I'm tryna do it bigger, then the biggest admit it, I kill it,
I think it's evident, I ain't getting in it to quit it,
So quit, this shit's no sweat, I ain't sweating a critic,
You silly saying I'm underrated, I'm getting the credit I should be.
I'm in for the long haul!
I get up when I take a hard fall,
Dog, you ain't even playing, but you still talk shit,
God damn, you remind me of Lavar Ball,
And I got a type of flow, that you can't resist,
All my other shit was trash, yeah the fans were pissed,
So answer this... YUH baby why you stick around it's obvious,
That you know ya manz a bitch... but.
I ain't here to pick a part a person, I pick apart a flow,
Then I put it in the words and verses, then I serve that,
Into it serves a purpose, f yo house cars chains and your furs and purses.
Overall, I'm a calm dude,
into the mic turns on then I turn to Tom Cruise, and TOP GUN,
Man you rally f'n with the wrong dude,
Really boutta' blow, it's just a long fuse.

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