The Euphrates Yogi

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I would say its slim
reconciliation , Ye and kim
I'm staying slim
getting cake
moving weight
cause I stay in Gyms
got you asking
who is weighing him /
producers screaming
it would be groovy to
make his life into a movie
but aint nobody playing him.
lets call jamie or willl
I wish the panther was here.
Lets be clear
Im Pac when I appear
and stop and pop that Sangria.
if all i see is Red
then I'll never get ahead
tell Da Baby i'm good
this babysitters Suge
Its Smokey in Deebos
pigeon Coop
nigga, knock on wood.
Its friday and its the Hood
you would fire me if you could
Rap pad niggas some real bytches
that wont allow me to be good.
Always bringing up the past
why don't you focus on the cash .
keep the dome within Scope
and focus on the stash.
when the shots pop off
the shit aint supposed to last.
My gat seems like Vaccine
one blast
got you coughing out ya mask

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