Methodical [FEAT. KAZZ] (PROD. S...

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//Verse 1 (BRESSO)
Them boys under my wing, without me they would be nothing,
Flowing so quickly like a wave, consider flushing,
She giving me some neck, hoes giving all that suction,
Thinking I ain't a threat? Boy, you know I pop dozens,
Man you so predictable I read you like a book of poems,
I might have to show him, that we don't play with fucking poets,
Don't even show up to the set if you know our fucking slogans,
Cartier on my neck, you can tell that it's fucking glowing,
Aye, we so methodical,
Tried to listen to your tracks but your voice so inaudible,
I'm used to the hate now your hate just be comical,
If I somehow approach you just know that is logical,
Yeah, I'm grinding everytime I'm grinding everyday,
I sighted you on sight, so don't think you'll escape,
Clutch you by the neck then I smoke you like a vape,
I put you in my dresser, you get wore like some bape,
Bitch you not a fucking Savage, you just stay ducking,
How am I supposed to pop you if you just stay running,
If I'm coming out the crib I'm the one they gunning,
If I'm coming out the crib I'm the one they gunning,
Throw that out, then I'm giving you one last chance,
We can wine it out knowing that we clapped some mans,
Snapping on this song snaps you out the fucking trance,
I can't switch up on my closest if I don't have friends,
//Verse 2 (KAZZ)
Why ya smoke a little tree, high up with the fire
Spinning like rotisserie, fire all the liar
Showing yall some infamy, stack the body piles
None you bitches sick as me, murdering ya styles
Figuring you're frantic, got weapons they locked n loaded
Teaching yall my secrets then most of your minds imploded
Should have backed away my cage has now been opened
Hide away the pain you keep, yeah it ain't showin'
Pull up with paperwork signing my life away
Speak with the devil in hell take my fight away
Torment my soul for eternity right away
Death will be something you celebrate, holiday
Scatter into the shadows the second you hear the siren
Wolves among the sheep are cowardice meeting the lion
Lying, finding out that I'm a titan
Pummeling to earth's core, hurts when I be prying

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