Gnat Remix (Prod. ManIAC)

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Recorded this last year

Taking these shots at Corona I step up, bitch better hold my beer
Knock me down, go round after round, till we blackout like we full of fear
My bars leave you wasted, swerve off track cause you lack, we couldn't steer
Shits that bottled deep in our cores/Coors, seems light, but it's nowhere near
Burn that rubber, tell a bitch I'm raw, and I'm coming right for these pussies
Swallow my kids, she coming for the cream that I make, and it took me
All this time for me to clock out like I was leaving with my earnings
Say my name in vain/vein then raise ya blades, yeah that may seem concerning
Been a nuisance so I tie a noose since my life remains deterring
World has been running with masks like getting ready for purging
I am an entity, if you say yes, then I shall take away burdens
Look at myself, make enhancements, show you all the better version
She feels my Zen like a sensei in a dojo
Ya got no balls when I type out all the low blows
Steal from the clan, get caught, that's a no no
Get beat on the beat, tell you cant flow though
Ice be all on my wrist when I bring up the heat, and you know it's gon melt
People who seeming like maybe they love you, are lying to you and it's felt
Viewing your fortune, it's plummeting lower and lower, can you feel my hell
But I can promise that I will keep rising, and soon I will carry the belt

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