Nazi battle

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I’m off-kilter just cause Nazi gassed up ya bars not killer
Docs gonna have to cross-stitch ya, turn Nazi to a swastika
First you were praisin me to the skies, now you really feelin bitter?
Well since Nazi ate off the leader, you temptin my fists to get a hit lured
You ain’t never even won a battle, that shit talk is all malarkey
Ya “girl” got a thicc mustache and asked you out to the Nazi party
End em in seconds and send em to heaven, this beat’ll give em wings like Paul McCartney
And here comes the son, ya words can get you boxed up like a walkie talkie
Became an animal in these battles now I’m pullin strings it’s a Tamagotchi
If I catch you so much as jaywalkin, I’m singin louder than Pavarotti
And thank fuck you ain’t got no recordings up I bet it would hurt to listen
I mean you got writtens called “Practicing internal rhymes” with no internals in em
I saw the challenge and tried to find motivation for this, honestly I swear that I did
But I heard my opponent was Nazi-2, and knew initially I’d put an N 2 to ya shit
You genuinely care bout props and shit? The puppet is just chillin while doublin ya digits
I saw how the rules were “nothing” and it’s fittin, considerin there ain’t no substance in ya lyrics
You ain’t got nothin but losses, and I’m supposed to say “good shit man” and praise my opponent?
4 losses straight? 4 LOSSES STRAIGHT? The real Nazis never would have made it to Poland
Insane lyrics and a crazy flow think fellatio how I’m fucked in the head
He think he lookin at his battle record, I left em seein nothin but red
I’m the butter and bread of these battles you do, I got a few screws loose but this man is a tool
I can break down a motherfucka’s personal life, then battle Huggy and start rappin bout juice
So shut ya dumbass up in the forums bout “gettin good in a month” I could give a shit if y’all call me a bully
But you rhymed pussy with pussy in ya last written and now you out here talkin bout the concept of multis?
You 👏 do 👏 not 👏 understand 👏 the 👏 basic 👏 fundamentals 👏 of 👏 lyrics
You say rhyme schemes without knowin what they are, so tell me why the fuck should I want to hear it?
Keep on actin tough and believe me this bout to get so ugly
Notice how I did the emojis? You ain’t really clappin at nobody

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