Master Class (Feat. STK Maz)

• Written by  • Featuring BigWAV

A little bit a luck, a whole little muscle,
Yo I’m locked in like the NBA bubble,
I don’t got a strap, just a strap on the duffle,
But the duffle got cash,
That I’m tryna get doubled,
It’s a master class, how I switch the flows,
They to focused on tryna get there wrists to glow,
You wanna, stop the leaks, you gotta fix the holes,
I see you doing you, but I’m gonna keep my distance though
I got blinders on full with my head down running,
Derry horse Sav, yeah they see that boy coming,
I gotta higher power tryna tell me something,
It’s funny though because can’t nobody tell me nothing.
These haters think they know, in reality don’t have a slight clue,
I’m flier then the birdie on that app that’s light blue,
I used to think I’d live an average life to,
Food for thought, nah, my appetite grew,
I chose the path that people couldn’t digest,
Couldn’t see what I was seeing,
They need to get there eyes checked.
The second that I popped, all i got was props,
Couldn’t even give my merch away in thrift shops,
They gon pay for M-Sav logos on it,
Under oath I promise, you the flow so honest,
In a city full of sin, i, tryna stay sane
I stay authentic, but at times they wanna play games.
Took the cards that I was dealt, and turned to Dave Blaine,
I ain’t going Hollywood, but I probably could,
I’m already in my bag, but the option is good,
The world will try to rob you blind,
But I’m on my mark like Robin Hood,
Hold up Wait...
STK Maz:
godly when I do this pray to me like you in church
I don't need a m 16 I kill em quick w a verse
Really wanna see you talking in the back of that hearse
Homie don't make me wanna throw the whip in reverse
Cuz I swear I will do it,
if you wanna box boy I will make u toothless
Name the time and spot boy
I will leave some bruises
And when you call the cops boy
tell em I ain't do it
And when them tear drops boy
I might go YouTube it
I'm the life of the room
every time I walk in swear to god they all zoom
No molitov cocktail but I cause a boom
Levitating to the top ain't talking bout a broom
Rappers talkin shit til I hit em wit that BAP BOOM
Whole squad stay rolling deep like a platoon
Putting in the work you stay at home watchin cartoons
Swear to god bro your shit be outdated Yahoo
If you talking shit then you better slide up
Come and get your hoe I think she gettin piped up
Acting tough on WiFi pussy you a liar
Every time I bodybag a verse bring a choir
Knife in my pocket when I'm hunting down these rappers
Feelin like its hollywood cuz I see a bunch of actors
I been waiting for a long time it dont even matter
Got my foot in the game til the glass fuckin shatters

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