Dolly remix

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dolly yeah woah
stuck in the party yeah woah
ok i hit that trap like max
go get a pack then i hop in a jag
ride smoking gas to a party in jax
phone made a beep said i just made a rack
ice is on freeze with some pumas to match
chick wanna leave and sneak out through the back
i know that she wanna chill with the mack
she wanna help me just chill and relax
i take her to crib hit it slowly
durag and a mask i hit from the back she say holy mollie
no time from the drama give her the mamba and that aint no shout out to koby
but shes way more than her body
i need a peace like im ghandi
she know i get fetty no monte
its dolly yeah
stuck im the party she wanna come and ride me yeah
i asked how you riding she said like a harley yeah
dolly yeah woah
dolly yeah
she see the rocks on my fist
she wanna get high as the sky is
i am so high im a flight risk
i flip her own like a light switch
rollie face covered in diamonds
so this was all perfect timin
she got that wet like a hydrant
im way to clever with rhyming

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