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• Written by  • Featuring PsychoPuppet and M-Sav

[Hook - 2x]
Life is a struggle and pain, I can't see the
Sunny days 'fore the rain, G-O-D please
Help me to maintain, because I don't
Wanna die, if I'm living in vein
Even with God in my life, it's still hard in my life
Motherfuckers call it so close, to be fraud in my life
And I can't understand, I ain't doing no wrong
That's probably why they be fucking with me, thinking I'm all song
But it's all gravy you wanna hate me, then go on hate me
Cause I've been looking for reasons, to take it off safety
And a motherfucker don't make me for me, lay me feeling on me
Like nobody don't really want me, the pressure creeping up on me
I wonder what happy is, cause I've never known it
People I meet ain't partnas, they potential opponents
Cloudy days, and the place I come from running from cops
Put it down in the alley way, when they pass I'm busting some shots
Sorry God, I know I ain't got no business selling dope and tripping God
Show me some inspiration, when you see me slipping God
Cause when I die, I don't want it to be in vein
I'd rather serve in heaven, won't be in the Penn in the flame
How bout we talk over it on a cup a joe
Know you can go anywhere you wanna go
You can be, anything you wanna be
You can see, anything you wanna see
If you keep G-O-D, first everyday
And it hurts, the daily living while you flipping
Through your hood, with your partnas kicking
Click tripping, don't know why he had a short living
You don't know, yeah you know
You like music from rap to gospel
But ya prolly neva heard nobody rap the gospel
Different sound but the truth's the same
With no choirs no bands but the truth remains
We got fam and the clique set the booth on flames
St Louis others philly, like Duce and Flame
If ya lost in the flow don't lose the name
It's Jesus Christ the king of the jews my mayn
This ain't entertainment dawg it's timeless truth
Would you rather hear a song about shiny coupes, nope
Non-fat non-gat non-killa rap, 100% christ da blood spilla rap
Ya'll feelin that rap wrapped up with the gospel, ay psycho dawg run it back
Ya'll feelin that rap wrapped up with the gospel ay psycho dawg run it back
I’ve come to accept that struggle is a spectrum
We have different levels of comfort and dependance
We all respond differently when life fucks us in the rectum
In the face of rejection, we can struggle just to form a sentence
I grew up in a place that lied bout what could be expected
And told me I’d experience nothin but acceptance
But as I grew older I could feel myself crumble under pressure
Some have it even worse, in a dungeon void of pleasure
When it’s seems there’s no love, hopes sunken like some treasure
There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, ahhhh, that’s better
Hard to keep ya temper when the norm is sufferin and terror
And when we leave, accomplishments dissolve into smoke and embers
I don’t remember when my soul was forged and into this world I entered
But I often wonder if my heart always had this broken center
Guess when I was sewn together, they decided to throw
some pepper in the wound for good measure
Now I’m a lone pretender in a world of phony friends and those
with the goal to get ya
[Hook - 2x]
Life is a struggle and pain, I can't see the
Sunny days 'fore the rain, G-O-D please
Help me to maintain, because I don't
Wanna die, if I'm living in vein
I’m from the borough that everybody forgot
Where everybody got the same pairs of shoes that i got
Everybody went to the same schools
But didn’t utilize the same tools I had Maybe I’m just more privileged
well then that’s just my bad
I was too shy in high-school, look at the girls that I could have had
Well then too bad, so sad
You think that my life is perfect
Man why you so mad
Why do you hate
Just because you can’t relate
Just because you ain’t been in my shoes, Bitch confess yo sin
Look at the struggle I’m in
I’m dying to win
I’m trying to feed my kin
I’ve been stranded on this island way too long, sending sos messages
Begging for a lifeline
I’ve been waiting on the bus line
Bitch it’s crunch time
Got the punchline, It’s lunchtime I’m starving
Somebody feed me before I become a cannibal
Hannibal, animal, satanical, classical, smash a hoe
Pass a hoe, I’m the verbal version of Michelangelo
I’m a ball like liangelo
It’s a struggle but all my dreams are tangible
I got plenty of struggles but it’s manageable, like a bite-sized meal
For every flood there’s a drought, I just wanna get out
“Land of the free, home of the brave” fuck you talkin about?
For every hand on ya shoulder, there’s a hand stabbin ya back
But these masked jackals blind us from instinct and actual facts
But for every flood, a flower grows and somebody gets a drink of water
For every backstabber, somebody has ya back at the brink of slaughter
As long as we don’t turn a cold shoulder, those around us have the
cheat code offers
We race through this life at high speed and reflection makes zero dollars
Our basic instincts may be missin when we make decisions
But sometimes who we become and how we were raised is different
When we find our silver lining, mine was hip hop in the 90s
We ain’t livin in a world where everybody is ya high priest
We can look for the light, we can hustle and grind
But will the struggles in life just crumble and die?
Everybody under this sky’s wonderin why, let’s not sugar coat it
That’s why we gotta lend each other hands when it’s lookin hopeless
[Hook - 2x]
Life is a struggle and pain, I can't see the
Sunny days 'fore the rain, G-O-D please
Help me to maintain, because I don't
Wanna die, if I'm living in vein

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