Come Up (Feat. JC, and Topaz) (M...

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M-Savage Hook:
I'm coming up,
I'm coming up,
I'm coming up,
I'm coming up,
Guess I gotta get up on another one,
I can make a grown man, one to run
Flow that I got is never going to stop,
and I'm about to let it pop like a loaded gun,
You're never gonna see a motherfucker like me,
But I wonder when it might be,
Flows and the checks, like Nike
But I'm lightning, was fast,
Watch how I switch it then dash,
Back on all these bitches ass, with the cash
Getting whiplash, when I pass,
Going real fast, got to row back,
Listen Matt, I don't mean to brag,
But I'm really dope, when I get mad,
and then they hope, I don't explode, on these tracks,
Oh so it's like that?
Wanna get back for not fucking with your type, it's okay,
When I see you, you better bring that yellow tape, I might wake,
Woah, Woah,
Get the fuck up out my way,
What you say?
Oh, Oh,
Yeah you gotta run away,
(Look, look)
Yeah I'm on the come up, you get done up, if you talking tough,
He just hiding in a counter, because a youngin bout to bus,
Beat be banging like the drums, (Inaudible)
You just mad I be so litty, you be with that salty stuff,
Yo I'm coming up, then I clench the trophy, because I run it up,
I got the drumming so quick like it's double dutch,
I bet these rappers ain't ready to rumble,
Fuck it, I'm up then I pop like a bubble bruh,
What can I say?, bars from the (inaudible) you could say I like clay,
(Inaudible fast lyrics.)
M-Savage Hook:
I'm coming up,
I'm coming up,
M-Savage Verse:
I'm feeling underrated,
Yo I just freaking hate it,
All these other rappers out here, yo they're basic,
But somehow they made it, they are all overrated,
Maybe if I demonstrated.. my skill..
I'd be in a house up on the hills,
Then get a mansion just for the thrill,
I ain't gonna sign your record contract, that is not the deal,
Yo, my name is M-Sav and I like to keep it real,
I'm flexing so hard, yo I might pull a muscle,
I'm a big dog, a pitbull without a muzzle,
I'm by myself averaging a triple double,
I do it so much that they call me Russell,
You can't carry this weight yo you knees gonna buckle,
Flexing so hard I might pull a muscle,
I'm a big dog, a pitbull without a muzzle,
I'm flexing so hard, that I might pull a muscle.

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