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We have in the red corner, the one who can record without makin excuses
In the blue corner, the one who feels like doin a corny ass intro cause why not
Slug em since he salty and see if he dissolves ya tongue be dribblin on balls like Kareem Abdul Jabbar
You tasteless, how ya name See but you ain’t got no sense? I ain’t feelin you at all
Can’t beat the heat homie the temp goin up but don’t fuckin tempt me
I’m out here makin waves just like jet skis so cross me and become the Red See/Sea
My only regret is not finishin you sooner
Sprinkle in some humor but I’m sicker than a tumor
What moves you been makin? You just sit on a computer
How can you be See/BC without a vision for the future?
Keep ya name out ya mouth, you wanna murmur till it’s murder
Smoke em on or off Rappad, serve em on the server
It’s the one who got See all fucked up like Mona Lisa
Blowin speakers, vs the one so shit they took em off Costa Rica
I’m the one they deem a demon, what’s see to seasoned? I just left see sonned
You gonna be gone before ya career has begun, this shit gonna be a movie when you get cut on scene 1
Y’all can suck on deez nuts but still ain’t fuckin with me
Just a quick contact will expose the true colors of See

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