Homeless Boy.

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i'm travelling with this bag on my back.
constantly feelin under attack.
never got the patience or the time to just relax.
even while i'm doin nothin all I ever see is black.
but I am far from afraid of the dark and though I fall apart.
I pull myself together on my own i know that isn't smart.
because sometimes we all need the support.
like a football player needs passion for sport.
mother and father in an out of court.
fightin for custody, of 2 poor children who's
pain their mother cannot see.
but these kids are the reason I choose
to be who I be, I know I love them.
and that's all I need em to believe.
was just a homeless boy with a toneless voice.
way too anxious to make any noise.
so spent all my time with the boys.
smokin myself to oblivion and though I had a choice.
bein a failures the only way I know to live.
fuckin livin in this bullshit, I don't wanna exist.
I can't be dealin with this, I struggle with a tight
fist to fight through the mist that I put myself in.
lovin someone who don't love me too.
speakin to people that I never knew.
bitin off way more than I can chew.
the fuck am I supposed to do... i'm tired.
an my whole life I've been a fuckin liar.
causin more burnin rage than a live wire
cause fire and all I can do is just get higher.
i'm tryin to fix myself but I will never be a messiah.
I just wish that shit could be different.
if I could change, I would do it in an instant.
even with people in my life I feel distant.
I hate my face, my body and my whole existance.
i kinda wanna die but i don't.
i kinda wanna cope but i won't.
i regret every single time i lost hope.
i regret every bad word that i spoke.
i'm sorry for the shit that I've done.
and who I've become.
I've been a useless brother
and a shitty son, an though i blame
my mum I've gotta take responsibility
for my actions and know i could've
helped myself in the long run.
i was a homeless boy but now imma man.
and i'll do what i can to get back my attention span.
and if life doesn't meet my expectations.
i'll end it before my mindset can ruin my plans.
mother nature, hear me out.
I've made some petty mistakes.
just for a bit of clout.
i lost all the love for my home town.
i'm so full of bullshit i'm surprised my
eyes ain't brown.
take my advice and remember
who the fuck you are, ever time
your mental scars cause you to fall apart
an break ya heart right from the start.
you can do things that you think you can't.
and even when you think your on your own.
just know you're never alone.
even if you're in my shoes, you won't lose,
you'll have a family and a stable home...

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