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I got what he won’t provide
Oh you think he cool, but he got no life
Hit him with the boom boom and he gone fly
Have you in the bed screaming out “Oh My”
Flow so ill that my crew had to bless
But every time I drop a record, ain’t nobody impressed
I wonder how a cop is feelin when he under duress
Speakin of which I’m just here tryna cop a feel of your dress
This ain’t what you wanted
But it’s what you needed
I been on a roll i’ve graduated, meaning
All this modern rappin cappin gone be fleeting
Now you know I’m woooke
Beat the beat up, like C-Breezy wife
Send a fatal bullet to your spleen at night
If You ever hear me snore dreaming got me like:
K-Santana (Hook):
This Life I got is mine so I choose
my faith
Feeling really high from these tunes
I make
Just know im doing it for fun
do it outta love, Yeah im
doing it for fun
Started wit the love, yea!
Is you really fond of me?
All the lil honeys wanna talk to, b.
Say Im 5'7 thats short to bitches
but I got me a lil honey, so it ain't that serious
Fine, fine, let me back track,
When the crowd ask,
say im 6'7, doing numbers in the NASDAQ
Why talk fast if the people can't feel you?
They feel the flow, bitch have fun, it ain't serious
I've been climbing, it should be a crime,
to be this good, its a paradigm
You keep wishing for a couple dimes
i dont wish, and i be doing fine
Lord, I keep coming, is a sin
No Johnny, in a minute
Imma test me,
the flow is unexpected
like siblings,
a caveman, I see, I fuck, quickly
I crave, I take, sickening.
Sight 20-20 innovation is my precedent
Crazy with the spitting you would taking im on some meds again
I can't have no walls, bitch you know im fucking mexican
Fun what im having, im feeling like im the president
Fire, they ain't ready,
if this fight, then you's a no so-show
Money in my pocket, it aint a worry, it ain't no no
Worry not about me but your ass cuz you be solo
Pass the game around cuz I raw dog its my hoe bro
Im on the road to be great,
Be having fun in my lane,
If you ever you think that im gassed
Listen to this when we say that

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