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V1: they wondering why they don’t get the bitches that I do
drowning in Asian pussy yeah I call that Thai food
look dude I’m the shark god address me as your highness
this is my party bitch and you are not invited
you do not affect me in the motherfuckin slightest
presiding over this land like Dragonborn of Skyrim
everything I touch turns to gold call me Midas
I kick you over the bridge I’m King Leonidas
I spread her legs and invade like a motherfuckin virus
you don’t got nothing to say then fuckin stay silent
I’m not the greatest yet but soon I know that I’m gonna be
I’m knocking out everybody who wants to stand in front of
Chorus: if you can’t beat them then join them
well man that just ain’t me
i’m back and I’m ready to ice em out now like I’m Gretzky
got places to go n things to do and none of that’s gonna
wait for you so stay out of my way let me live in my life in
peace or get run over by my fuckin jet ski
V2: I been in Cali for too long I need to leave now
but this virus got me staying till fuckin next spring now
add to that my fuckin job cutting hours I’m staying up at
night tryna figure out what the fuck I’m supposed to do
now so I figured out I’m gonna be bouncing back and more
thankful my dads passed but still gave me an angel he’s
guiding me like the co pilot on a flight I’m gonna keep
fighting never lose the fight in me and tho he’s gone I know
that he’s still guiding me enlightening each minute every
hour I got a guardian and I know when things go sour I
keep on climbing up that tower each stair each flight
every floor I climb good morning good night time to reach
new heights because they say if you can’t beat them
V3: And at the end of the day bitch im still Ben Zelas
I got my flaws and insecurities so don’t be jealous
I gotta lot of things to prove yes I know that I can be rude
but really on the inside im just a chill and awkward dude
but I dream of bigger things im telling y’all I can make it
push myself and reach greatness I’m bout to go Super
Saiyan one day ill be amazing hopefully sooner than later
yes I have learned from my failures and we all make our
mistakes but every mistake that I make I know that im
closer to breaking the bank ive got all the gas in the tank
full throttle bitch so make your complaints yeah, good
night it was great but I got a flight to catch so later y’all
breakfast can wait.

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