DIE ft. Lightskin_M_M

• Written by  • Featuring Lightskin_M_M

//(Verse 1: CTMELIJJAY)
first off put the gun to his head then after put the gun to my head kill myself
yea you heard what i said have my brains on the fucking floor spread first
kill the pussy nigga then kill myself have to pull the trigger yea nigga i gotta
kill myself we not going to heaven you know im burning up in hell we gon go
to H-E-L-L burning up skin coming off but we gon kill him first so stab his
eyeballs ima go crazy cut him up his blood really tasty kill myself thinking
about that shit on a daily 13 years old and a young nigga stressed out
remember you aint want me now we having sex now and in your eyes i am
the best now, now that im your mans step in the room you get undressed
now i aint have no shooters now i got one to the left now yea im your nigga
so i aint no guest now anybody fuck with you niggas getting checked now
you aint want me before but you give me the neck now been on that rapping
shit but i wanna be next now
//(Verse 2: Lightskin_M_M)
Pull up on your block with my glock 29 bitch
Bitches always hating on me cause i got that money sis
If you got a problem with me
There ain't going to be no talking bitch
It's gonna be a homicide
And I ain't stopping till these bitches die
Everytime you see me
It be me and my new nigga bitch
Pussy ass hoes always try to start some fucking shit
Pull up on your block
Imma let that shit blow bitch
I don't fuck with snitches
And I definitely don't fuck with hoes bitch
Pussy ass niggas always talking albout they gang bang
Pulling out they flag saying that they always gang bang
But when they see a real nigga
Who always push the trigger
They the quickest ones to run
and start snitching like they bitches

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