Go On (feat. Jawny Badluck)(prod...

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//Intro verse 0:13-0:27//
I was feeling lost now they see that I'm found
Thank god for the king cause Im next for the crown
I'm in paradise yeah my oasis found
All because I went to go stand my ground
//Chorus 0:27-0:40//
Holding on
Growing on
Going on
Throwing on
Throw on
//Next Apollo Rap Verse 1 1:07-1:33//
Next Apollo got the midas touch
The way I got here was minus luck
They ruled me out like a trial judge
But I reeled up like a final cut
They checking me out like I'm retail
But they didnt buy it like presale
They blocking my way like an email
But don't you know I always prevail
Give me the dollars in caches
I needa lift in my taxes
I needa tell all the masses
That I been upping my bracket
Show yall I get it the fastest
Keeping track like a railway
Up my base like an eight o eight
I'm rising up I hate to say
But yall jealous tryna take the fame
//Next Apollo Singing Verse 1 1:33-2:00//
Yea u tried to go make me feel so guilty
Tried to go and throw some dirt make me filthy
But now I see who the fakes and reals be
And real be yah
I can see the look in your eyes
And I've seen it many other times
And I know what happens no surprise
But I knew that cause of all my time
//Chorus 2:00-2:26//
Holding on
Growing on
Going on
Throwing on
Throw on
Holding on
Growing on
Going on
Throwing on
Throw on
//Jawny Badluck Verse 2:26-3:20//
I’m going out my mind (Going out my mind)
I don’t know if I’m fine (Don’t know if I’m okay)
Only fear is losing time (Ima need that)
Hey you know how I’m getting by my way
Yeah they feel me but they never match my energy
The rise and fall of a legend they gon remember me yeah
My life is a movie but I Been a bad boyfriend
Let’s make it go somewhere
If you know what’s inside of you
I see my world in different colors like kaleidoscope
Either you wit it or you not all
Aye My shits forever yours is not as hard
So Drug induced feeling loose
Got my mind in a noose
choking myself feeling hollow
I’m up like Apollo
//Chorus 3:20-3:33//
Holding on
Growing on
Going on
Throwing on
Throw on
//Verse 2 3:33-4:13//
Spending no time on the socials
I've been just local
No one should at me
I was just pulling my weight
Upping my stakes
I feel like an athlete
My chance is reach like a track meet
But i'll keep going till they track me
Spending so long in the backseat
Learning that no one else would back me
And I don't know where I should even go
I wish I would blow up in a tenfold
But the struggle taught me to keep it to a threshold
Cause you never know what the day would then hold
They never came to go chat
Now they all come when I'm that
Uh yuh
Apollo been spitting these facts
Ever Since I wrote tracks
Uh yuh
Apollo been up on the grind
Just to be one of kind
Uh yuh
Went to go spit all these raps
Now they be asking whos that

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