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Shoutout to
Now I'm making a vid
and I'm almost 19 man it is how it is
I'm coming up next, hide your wife and your kids
And please do not hate cause I don't want to diss
First time on the cypher, I'm praying for this
But my bars or hit or miss
I guess I always miss huh?
Please refrain and ask ya sista, mista
You just hatin' cause I'm next up
But I'm truly blessed up
Diss me then you really messed up
I'll send 19 shots to your dome but my name ain't covid
I swear to god I'm a pro but y'all treat me like a little kid
I actually tried to rap so please go easy on me
This is my first time recording anything and I'm really out of my comfort zone here
But at least I tried

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